R12 - Professional hand net with aluminium handle 120 cm

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Shipping costs will be added to the exposed prices


Hand net / kick net light and easy to use thanks to the aluminium handle. Net bag is made from woven polyester (1mm, 2mm mesh).

The hand net is 1mm or 2mm mesh 30cm bag.


This hand net / kick net is very sturdy, yet light and easy to use. The high specification net bag is made from woven polyester (1mm, 2mm mesh) for extra durability. Net bags are easily removable for washing or replacement. This means that one frame can be used with a selection of different net bags.

The advantage of the aluminium handle, apart from its price, is that the weight is reduced to less than half that of the wooden handle. The dimensions of the aluminium handle are identical to the wooden handle so it can be used as a replacement for wooden handles without any adverse influence on previous research. The disadvantages of the aluminium handle is that it is cold in winter as well as being vulnerable to denting or bending when used beyond normal practice. Aluminium handles also conduct electricity and care should be taken when using near overhead power lines.

The standard hand net is the 1mm mesh 30cm bag. Another option is 2mm mesh bag.